lv01Photographic Adventure workshops are open to photographers of all skill levels.  Each workshop has its’ share of enthusiasts as well as working pros. The great thing is that everyone has one on one time to get the help they need.  It is helpful for photographers to have the basic skills of camera handling. Participants should know how to use the camera controls with some degree of familiarity. If you have any questions or concerns about your skills, do not hesitate to call me at 972.601.9070.

ad15All of our adventures are moderately physical.  While climbing and hiking are minimal, the altitude and the rough off-road trails may cause discomfort for some.  You will never be asked to do any of the off-road driving, however, if you are afraid of heights and are prone to problems with altitude, please call me and voice your concerns.

We will cover a variety of topics during the adventure. All are designed to ad04provide you with information to improve your camera skills as well as increasing the visual strength of your images. The format will include instruction “in the field” and in the “classroom”. (“Classrooms” are actually on top of mountains, by crystal clear brooks and streams, inside steep-wall canyons, and under the shade trees of the National Forest. ) We will also work on a variety of projects that I think you will find fun, interesting and challenging.

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