Red Rocks Canyon is an area that lives up to its name. The rocks and cliffs create a colorful maze of textures and designs. The challenge for the photographer is to see the canyon as an abstract pallet. The contrasts of color and shapes and light and shadow work together to test the eye of the artist.



Perhaps the most dramatic landscapes I have ever seen can be found in Valley Of Fire. We will spend an entire day in this amazing place where colors and shapes simply astound. That’s a pretty bold statement – but this is a bold place. The ruggedness is as splendid as it gets.

lv05Extreme temperatures and variations in elevation produce a contrast in environment that seem worlds apart. You could spend the morning hiking across an angry desert and spend the afternoon in an Alpine woods where the snowfall has converted a small mountain town into a storybook wonderland. There are so many places to explore and photograph, you will want to return again and again.



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