mv02September 2019

Monument Valley is an outdoor theater with a different performance daily. When the curtain of darkness rises, the show begins. The characters are developed over time by the forces of wind and rain. The soundtrack is provided by a symphony of light and shadow. There are thousands of stories to be told.

sistersMonument Valley is not a state park or a national monument. Rather, It is a sacred land belonging to the Navajo people. Visitors to Monument Valley are guests of the Navajo Indian Nation. We will visit areas in the valley that are only accessible to visitors who are escorted by a Navajo guide.

The valley’s monuments consist of dramatic spires buttes and arches – each with a descriptive name and its own personality. Just inside the main gate, the signature formations known as the mittens rise up and greet visitors to Monument Valley.

We will be headquartered at the Hat Rock Inn in Mexican Hat, Utah.

We will spend two days photographing in Monument Valley and around Mexican Hat. Then, it is off to Page, AZ to photograph in the spectacular Slot Canyons. One of nature’s most interesting creations, the canyons are an abstract of color and shape. We will spend our last two nights in Page to visit the beginnings of the Grand Canyon at Horseshoe Overlook.


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