mittenOn Sunday, we will arrive in Mexican Hat, Utah and check into our rooms.  I am hoping to arrive early enough to get out Sunday evening to photograph a spectacular sunset in Monument Valley.  We will return to Mexican Hat for dinner and an orientation for the rest of the trip.

Day one we will meet our guide for the day around 5:30 AM!




sunriseWe will be out on Monday all day!!!   We will spend the afternoon photographing and finally wind up back at The Mittens for sunset photography.  The Adventure fee you paid covers the cost of guide services, however, it is customary for you to tip our guide.  I suggest a minimum of $20 per person.  You can tip more if you feel like you got great service from him.  Dinner will be back at Mexican Hat where I suggest, Navajo Tacos!!!

Day two we will do a short sightseeing trip in Mexican Hat and then travel to Page, AZ.  This is about a 3 hour drive.  We will check in to the Comfort Inn and Suites and go eat lunch and then head to Glenn Canyon Dam and on to Horseshoe Overlook.  This amazing sight is where the Grand Canyon gets its start.  It is about a 1 mile hike to the rim and it is breathtaking!  I am somewhat afraid of heights and it takes me a while to be able to get close to it.  There are no guard rails and it is straight down!  We will photograph there until sunset.

mv01Day three will be spent photographing in one of the nearby slot canyons.    I have built a good report with the Navajo family that oversees the canyon and I know about other canyons in the area.  They have been real good to let us photograph in there (with a nice tip) and unescorted.  The cool thing is that we will likely be the only ones in it so we don’t have to fight the crowd.  After we finish there, we will travel a short distance to another interesting location to shoot until sunset.

On Thursday, we will leave out early for the drive back to the airport in Albuquerque.  Sound fun yet?  What a great time we are going to have.

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