aforksOuray is a summertime getaway for families and folks who enjoy the outdoors. Fishing, jeeping, hiking and camping abound. There is no McDonalds and no 7-11. There are a number of local restaurants and a small local market.

Nestled in the San Juan’s, Ouray’s summertime weather is spectacular! Average summer temp is in the 70’s in the day and 40’s at night. Expect very pleasant days with crisp mornings and chilly evenings. I suggest a warm coat for higher elevation photography, and bring clothes that can be layered and peeled off as the day warms up. Short sleeves and are fine for day wear, especially when we are off the mountain. You will sunburn quite easily up there.

light34Workshops participants are taken into the mountains in a open air tour truck driven by a professional driver from one of the local tour companies.

Not only is our guide an expert driver, he also has a tremendous knowledge of the local history, mining history and operations and the flowers and mountain peaks we will be photographing.

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