“Where do I start to describe what a terrific experience the Photographic Workshop in Ouray was for me? I was completely awed by the beauty of the mountains in the summer! And now I have a new love…Jeeping!!
I expected a great photography learning experience from taking your class at Texas School. So in addition to a fabulous learning setting, and the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends, it was truly an adventure four-wheeling the Jeep trails in and around Ouray and photographing the beautiful Columbines, mountains, and waterfalls.
No words can describe my excitement and personal feeling of accomplishment after driving up Imogene, not to mention enjoying the gorgeous view. It is positively a place I can’t wait to visit and “drive” to again!

Thanks for allowing me the wonderful opportunity to mix learning with such a beautiful place. And thank you for making it exciting, fun and adventurous all the while.”

Anita Cook


alan“I want to let you know that I really got a lot out of our trip together at Monument and the Slot Canyons. It was truly a long time dream of mine to explore the US West to see some of these treasures and photograph them; it is something that I’m hoping to do again very soon.

Your knowledge, guidance and preparations on this trip exceeded my expectations. I would tell anyone who is interested what a top notch experience it was to be on your adventure.”

Alan Vollweiler



“The past couple of weeks have been a blur since getting back from Ouray, but I have wanted to once again express my excitement and appreciation for having shared the Ouray-Experience with you and our terriffic group. I was glad to find out why this place is so special to you and why its’ appeal almost defies adequate words to describe it.

I appreciate your sharing of both your knowledge as well as some of your personal thoughts in Yankee Boy Basin. Thanks again for a wonderful week.”

Sewell Pappas



paula“The trip to Monument Valley and Antelope Canyon was possibly the best thing I’ve ever done as a photographer. It was exactly what I was looking for and the trip delivered more than I ever expected. Aside from seeing the breathtaking landscape and having tons of opportunities to photograph, I also learned a lot about the land. Even after taking about 20 rolls of film, I still feel like I could go back tomorrow and photograph that much more.

I’ve been on so many trips where I wasted time trying to figure out the best angle or best places to take a picture. This trip takes the guesswork out of that, but leaves you with enough latitude to let your creativity take over.
The trip is very inexpensive for what you get out of it and it’s a place that everyone should visit.”

Paula Joyce



don“Thanks again Steve for a great trip. I learned a great deal from you as usual. Please count me in for all future trips!”

Don Thomas





al“I want to let you both know just how very much pleasure I got from the Monument Valley trip. Only now, as I look over some fairly decent images, do I fully realize what a privilege it was to see and photograph such places! It was an unforgettable experience, and if memory should fail, the photos will serve to help me remember. Thank you for a memorable experience.”

Al Copeland





“Each of the Photographic Adventures that I have been on with Steve have been incredible. I have done and seen things that I never dreamed I would. It has been well worth every cent that I have spent to go. Everyone needs to experience the Ouray adventure at least once. Your life will never be the same again.”

Tim Ligtvoet


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