navajotacoNo trip to Monument Valley would be complete with enjoying an authentic Navajo Taco…or two.

These gorgeous, round discs of greatness are served on plates that are barely large enough to contain their deliciousness and piled high with ingredients that cause most first-timers to sit in awe and experienced connoisseurs to simply weep with joy.

nt04 The Navajo Taco begins with a ball of dough that is skillfully pounded and rounded into submission and dropped into a cast iron skillet filled with hot oil. This Navajo fry bread is a staple at most Navajo family meals, and for good reason…it is light and delicious. Once the fry bread has been browned on both sides, it is laid out to dry on a paper towel and them promptly moved to the plate that will be its temporary home while you decorate it with beans or meat, lettuce, onions, olives, cheese and whatever else you might like to pile on it. Add a splash of salsa or not, and you are ready for an eating experience that will have you coming back to Monument Valley…just for the tacos!

nt01On my Photographic Adventures to Monument Valley, I always try to arrange to have a Navajo Taco meal prepared for us by a local family that prepares and serves the meals “picnic” style at a scenic location in the valley. The aroma of the fry bread soaking in a hot oil and the visual impact of sitting below a tall mesa looking out over the landscape is, in a word, magnificent.



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